History Matters – The Bible

In certain perspective, we can say that Bible is a historical document. It conveys vast information about history and culture, although the central message of the Bible is not just an ordinary archival information.

The Bible communicates a ‘rescue mission’ that is transformed through a human history. The Bible conveys something unique and characteristic: a history that represents a suitable environment for God’s revelation. Therefore, the Biblical history is not in the same sense as the common history.

The most important thing is that history in the Bible contains a foundation of a religion. This means, Bible is not only a profound historical document, but also a holy history. Biblical history has a special dimension: a history of a salvation.

The two terms: history and salvation are exchangeable; a history that brings salvation, and salvation that brings history. In other words, either way demonstrates a spirituality of all the events which are invisible through eyes of the ordinary history. Reports of each event recorded in the Bible were written in the perspective of God’s salvation, from Genesis to Revelation.

God has chosen you and me to be among the people of his kingdom, to be a part of the exceptional history. He initiates and concludes the salvation for all the world, so everyone who believes in him will walk in his abundant mercy and grace. Be grateful.

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